Watchdog warns of ‘shady trial lawyer pipeline’ pumping public money to left-wing causes

A cabal of Political Action Committees is funneling money overwhelmingly to left-wing political causes using funds secured by affiliated groups through “sweetheart contracts” with the public sector, a watchdog group has warned.

A recent report from Alliance for Consumers describes a “shady trial lawyer pipeline” in which the PACs make nearly all of their donations in support of Democratic candidates using money channeled from the beneficiaries of open-ended, ambiguous contracts intended to provide “consumer protection.”

“While the Shady Trial Lawyer Pipeline helps politicians funnel public money toward left-wing politics, it leaves everyday consumers and taxpayers with a horrible deal,” the report reads.

These contracts, the report states, often include no expiration date, lack appropriate conflicts protection, and are often just pages long. Much of the money stemming from these contracts, AFC asserts, ultimately makes it into the hands of a handful of groups the organization terms the “Shady Trial Lawyer PACs.”

The groups include the Truth and Justice Fund Company, AAJ PAC, and a handful of Justice PACs established for each two year election cycle since 2018. AAJ PAC is affiliated with trade group American Association for Justice, formerly known as the Trial Lawyers of America. Each group, however, “is closely tied to plaintiff-side trial firms and power by money flowing out of firms that have contracts with state or local governments,” AFC asserts.

Their report documents the expenditures from the PACs from the 2017-2023 timeframe and showcases the lopsided nature of political giving in which the groups engaged. AJJ PAC, for instance, made nearly $19 million in such donations and expenditures, 98% of which went to Democrats or the party’s allied organizations.

The Justice PACs collectively gave nearly $3.2 million, 100% of which went to Democratic causes. Truth and Justice gave $2.6 million during the same period, all of which went to the Democrats or their aligned groups. In 2022 alone, the giving extended to specific groups pushing abortion-related caucus and pro-Democrat voter mobilization groups.

In light of the report’s findings, Alliance for Consumers Executive Director O.H. Skinner wrote to the Republican state attorneys generals, warning them that their states may be paying out lucrative contracts that effectively fund their own opposition.

“This partisan giving is particularly relevant for you because these PACs have ties to law firms that have slid their way into state contracts in states like yours, contracts that often lack basic protections,” Skinner warned. “Unbeknownst to you, these PACs are often fueling their progressive campaigns thanks to your public money and the imprimatur of your offices. It is increasingly clear that trial lawyers are often playing games in this space and not playing straight with you.”

Ben Whedon is an editor and reporter for Just the News. Follow him on Twitter.

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