This is false, victorious accusation

Jeff Parras, the attorney for Matt Counts, said the Midland Police Department targeted the former Midland Christian School employees.

Parras said the MPD didn’t speak to many of the students who witnessed “the accident” and went after Counts, Jared Lee and Dana Ellis, even though there were others including school nurses, staff at a medical clinic and teachers who would have had the same duty to report it.

“They thought it was an accident,” Parras said. “They charged the three who are suing the city.

Counts, Lee and Ellis were indicated this week for a failure to make a required child abuse report.

Here is Parras’ statement to the Reporter-Telegram in its entirety.

“Earlier today I was notified that my client, Matthew Counts, had again been charged with an offense initiated by the Midland Police Department. We were recently made aware that the MPD was once again seeking to charge him, the most recent false accusation led by one of the same investigators whose prior false charges were dismissed in May. That prior false arrest was the subject of a federal lawsuit against the Midland Police Department and, among others, this same detective. We are extremely disappointed, though not entirely surprised, with the vindictive actions of the detectives, and equally disappointed that the leadership at MPD did not address the obvious conflict and assigned an unbiased investigator to review a case as shoddy, poorly investigated, and lacking as the newly filed one.

“The false allegation is that the accused failed to report and attempted to conceal child abuse, and concerns a teenage student in a Midland Christian School classroom being struck in the head accidentally last November, 2021. All those present who saw it have it as an accident, including the student himself. Accidents are specifically excluded from the definition of abuse in the statute being used to charge the accused. Neither Matt Counts nor the other two educators charged today saw the student at all that day and were only later made aware of the accident. Their only commonality is that they are plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the city and Midland Police Department personnel, including the same detectives responsible for these latest false charges. The school nurses, the classroom teacher, the student’s parents, and personnel at a Midland medical clinic all saw the student that very day and all have the same duty to report abuse, which cannot be delegated to anyone else. None of them were charged.

“Each of these false accusations that hang over an innocent man’s head is another day of injustice for him and his family. Accordingly, we have already notified the court that we are ready for trial and have request

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