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These Travel Insurance Strategies Will Keep You Safe (and Covered) Now

The upcoming holiday travel season is fraught with uncertainty — a predicted spike in COVID cases, soaring gas prices and inflation. Can your travel insurance keep up?

“It’s important to understand any exclusions to your policy,” says Christina Tunnah, general manager of marketing and brands at World Nomads. “So grab yourself a cup of coffee and spend some time reading through the policy details.”

Do you need to read your entire travel insurance policy? Yes, you do. But as you face the uncertainty of the upcoming holiday travel season, here are a few things that are worth reading twice.

Remember, travel insurance doesn’t cover everything.

“To keep rates affordable for everyone, travel insurance products include a list of covered situations as well as a list of things that just aren’t covered,” explains Daniel Durazo, a spokesman for Allianz Travel Insurance. “So take the time to learn about your policy’s covered reasons and exclusions.”

Watch for health insurance gotchas

The most overlooked aspect in travel medical insurance is pre-existing conditions, according to Joe Cronin, president of International Citizens Insurance. “Some policies will not cover medical care if it is related to a pre-existing condition,” he warns. However, some travel insurance companies will cover a waiver for a pre-existing condition if you buy the policy within 14 to 21 days of making an initial deposit, so make sure you review the pre-existing conditions language before you buy a policy.

Look for triggers

Triggers, or qualifying statements, are a mainstay of travel insurance policies, according to Angela Borden, a product strategist at Seven Corners. “For example, many plans on the market allow travelers to cancel

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