Is travel insurance worth the cost? Here are pros and cons to consider

For years, a lot of us looked at travel insurance as a waste of money, something we didn’t really need. But now, travel planning experts say things have changed.

Jenn Lee with Travel Planners International says, “Travel protection is not a ‘nice to have’ any longer. It’s a ‘must have’. There are so many moving parts in today’s travel.”

Now, there are a variety of things insurance will protect when it comes to your travel investment, like if you miss your flight or a connection if your flight is delayed, or your luggage or passport is lost, if your trip is canceled altogether, or even if you get hurt or sick, and it’ll prevent you from traveling.

The average cost for a policy is $271 according to travel insurance agency Square Mouth.

When it comes to deciding which insurance you should choose Lee says it depends on a few different factors, like how much your trip costs. If you’re spending a relatively small amount of money on travel – it’s probably not worth the most expensive insurance plan. It also depends on how long you’ll be there and if you’re traveling with children. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to have a child get sick on the trip. But, should it happen, travel insurance can be a safety net for you and your budget.

Lee says, “We always tell our consumers, look at the investment that you’re

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