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CT AG sues food service operator to recover unpaid wages

A New Haven-based company that provides food service at 23 state-owned highway plazas on Interstates 95 and 395 as well as Route 15 is being sued by Attorney General William Tong to recover $6.1 million in unpaid wages and damages.

It seeks to recover unpaid wages for more than 2,000 workers, although state Labor Commissioner Dante Bartolomeo said her office continues to receive complaints and is actively investigating additional potential instances of wage theft at the service plazas. 

Tong’s office sued the company on behalf of the state Department of Labor.  The lawsuit seeks to recover $5.4 million in unpaid wages and is also seeking $722,000 in civil penalties that had been previously assessed, but were never paid.

Tong said said his office was “left with no choice” because complaints about the company’s non-payment of wages date back to 2017.

“These workers did their job, and they deserve to be paid their full compensation,” Tong said Friday. “Project Service was put on notice years ago that their subcontractors were underpaying workers in violation of state law. They have continuously refused to make their workers whole despite repeated warnings and demands.”

Project Service has held a food service contract since 2009 with the state Department of Transportation for the 23 state-owned service plazas. There have been at least two chief executive officer since then; the website for the Secretary of State’s office lists Trevor Moore as a principal of the company website currently.

Company officials were not available for comment Friday.

Tong was joined at a news conference Friday by representatives of the Service Employees International union.

“It’s more than a contract dispute,” Tong said of the union’s interest in the lawsuit being filed. “It is a violation of our state’s wage and hours laws.”

When asked about the possibility of

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Taco Bell worker hurls boiling water at customer

New video allegedly shows a Dallas, Texas, Taco Bell employee hurling boiling water at a woman and girl who have since filed a lawsuit claiming they were attacked after asking for their incorrect order to be remade.

The footage, released by attorneys for Brittany Davis and her 16-year-old niece, identified in court papers as CT, captures a fast food worker filling up a clear pitcher with what appears to be steaming water while talking on the phone.

In a different camera angle, the employee can be seen throwing the liquid at the woman and girl standing on the other side of the counter, the Dallas Morning News reported. The two are seen running away after the liquid is flung at them.

The video stems from an alleged June 17 incident. Davis and her niece say they were at the Taco Bell drive-thru but decided to go inside the fast food joint to correct their order after employees got it wrong three times, according to the lawsuit.

The two claim a staffer then threw boiling water on them, leaving them severely injured, according to the suit, filed July 13. They are asking for more than $1 million in damages from defendants Yum! Brands (Taco Bell’s parent company), local franchisee North Texas Bells and two unnamed employees.

Taco Bell staff.
A worker is seen filling up a clear pitcher with what appears to be steaming water while talking on the phone.
Brittany Davis and her 16-year-old niece were reportedly asked for their incorrect order to be remade.

The pair’s attorneys, Ben Crump and Paul Grinke, on Friday released the 2 1/2-minute video, which shows 12 camera angles inside the store.

One part of the footage shows an employee hiding what the attorneys alleged was a gun under his shirt while the liquid

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