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Yue Yu denies poisoning husband, tried fixing ant problem

The California dermatologist caught on video pouring Drano into her husband’s drink claims she was trying to tackle an ant infestation at their house, rather than poison him.

Yue “Emily” Yu endured an awkward face-off in court at a divorce hearing with estranged spouse Jack Chen Tuesday.

The dermatologist is facing criminal charges of trying to poison him by pouring the liquid drain cleaner into his hot lemonade tea drink over a period of three days in July 2022.

Chen became suspicious after he noticed a strange taste in his tea, so he set up a secret camera system in his home, his attorney, Steve Hittleman, told The Post.

But speaking after the hearing, Yu’s divorce attorney exclusively told The Post his client had an innocent reason for mixing the deadly concoction.

David Dworakowski said the former couple had a noted ant problem in their home and used “unconventional methods” to try to control the pests.

The attorney explained his client placed Drano and sugar in the lemonade-tea drink in a bid to attract the ants and that she hoped the liquid concoction woudl drown them rather than poison Chen.

Dworakowski added it was “odd” Chen would surrender the video footage to his divorce attorney before going to the police.

 Yue Yu, the Orange County dermatologist who tried to poison her husband with Drano in his tea, is seen in court today during divorce proceedings.

Pictured: Yue Yu
Yue “Emily” Yu is pictured in court with her attorneys for a divorce hearing on April 11, 2023.

“Obviously, the allegations are disputed,” Dworakowski said. “Dr. Yu has been a physician for many years, has never been in trouble before and is a loving mom. We believe there is a sinister motive on the part of her ex-husband to take advantage of her in their divorce case.”

“While prosecutors are making it out like this video of Emily is a ‘smoking gun’, the reality is she was trying to

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