stripped naked

Man stripped, beaten after DUI arrest later died by suicide due to abuse

The family of a man arrested for drunk driving and allegedly beaten by police officers later took his own life. His loved ones have filed a lawsuit demanding justice.

“This is not something a civilized – even an uncivilized society can tolerate,” said attorney Ari Kresch.

Milton was dragged through the Oakland County Jail after being taken there August of last year – after being arrested in Auburn Hills.

“They booked him, and they don’t have the facilities for him to dry out,” said Kresch. “So they transfer him over to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.”

FOX 2: “Did the sheriffs at any time beat or hit Milton?”

“No,” said Curtis Childs, undersheriff Oakland County. “No sir.”

Milton Adelson, 59 years old, is a veteran, held a steady job at the same company for 30 years. But he was drunk driving, and he may have made suicidal statements to the arresting officer.

“He was cooperative, he was respectful, he never had any involvement with the law,” said the family attorney.

In police video deputies ask him if he wants to keep his earplugs.

“I do. I want them to come back with me please,” he said. “But they’re not expensive I don’t care.”

“You didn’t pay for them either, they give them to you at work,” a deputy said.

Milton was placed in the “uncuff” cell at the Oakland County Jail. ┬áMoments later another inmate was placed in the same cell.

But as the electric cell

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