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Lawyer’s death at Shotgun Willie’s delays trial about a previous death at the same strip club

An attorney’s death at Shotgun Willie’s has delayed a trial about another death previously at the same strip club in Glendale, Co.

Arapahoe County District Court Judge Peter Michaelson granted the motion by lawyers to reschedule the next month’s trial following the death of lawyer Steve Long on Oct. 1, according to The Denver Post.

Long was one of the many lawyers defending the strip club with the Shotgun Willie’s in the Randall Wright case. Hence, Long’s colleague Peter Middleton requested Michaelson delay the trial for several months.

“The timing of this was just awful for everybody,” Middleton said, The Denver Post reported. “We have been really struggling in the past three weeks.”

“Mr. Long passed away at Shotgun Willie’s, I guess, which is kind of weird,” Middleton continued.

The wrongful death case is already over three years old. Patron Randall Wright, 48, got into an altercation with another man at the strip club on May 2, 2019. This led to a chase throughout Shotgun Willie’s before Wright was tackled by a bartender and died shortly afterward.

Reid Elkus, a lawyer representing Dory Wright and the Wright estate, said the wrongful death case should not be delayed due to the fact Long was one of many lawyers representing the strip club.

“This case is now ripe for trial. It must move forward,” Elkus said to the judge. “Justice delayed is not justice served.”

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