sophia rosing

Kentucky student who repeatedly used racial slur and assaulted Black students will withdraw, lawyer says

The white University of Kentucky student who was caught on video assaulting Black students will voluntarily withdraw from the university, her lawyer told NBC News on Tuesday morning.

“She’s going to withdraw from the university today or tomorrow,” attorney Fred Peters said of Sophia Rosing, 22, a senior who was captured on viral video repeatedly hurling a racist slur and physically attacking two Black students Sunday.

“She’s a very, very embarrassed and humiliated young lady,” he said.

Peters added that he is “getting her into some kind of treatment program and sensitivity program to help her through this situation.”

He said Rosing will receive treatment for “several things” but declined to elaborate further.

“She’s going to get help, that’s all I can say,” he said.

A spokesperson for the university said school officials have no comment at this time.

Rosing’s voicemail was full and she did not immediately respond to a text, email or Facebook message.

Rosing was captured on video assaulting first-year Kentucky student Kylah Spring, who was working at the front desk of a campus dorm when the incident unfolded early Sunday.

The video shows Rosing — who appears visibly intoxicated and struggles to stay standing — striking at Spring while repeatedly calling her a racial slur. Later in the video, Rosing tries to kick Spring and punch another student — who also appears to be a Black woman — as they try to restrain Rosing and put her in a chair, though it is unclear whether she actually struck either. Rosing also attempts to charge Spring with a shopping cart in the video.

The video ends showing a white male police officer handcuffing Rosing in the dorm as she continues to repeat the racial slur and struggles to remain standing. During the arrest, she kicked and bit

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