Weinstein attorney tries to blame Jennifer Siebel Newsom


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It’s still 1940 in a courtroom in downtown Los Angeles, where a “bimbo” who supposedly tried to get ahead by sleeping with a big-time Hollywood movie producer is turning on the waterworks.

I say this because unfortunately, nothing about Harvey Weinstein defense attorney Mark Werksman’s cross-examination of California’s first partner, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, has been updated in the years since we all thought that only liars recalled traumatic events imperfectly. Now we know that it’s actually the liars whose stories are tidy and perfectly groomed. They never vary, because they are scripted from the start.

But in the retro world of rape prosecutions, the defense never varies, either. So of course Werksman suggested that it’s highly suspicious that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife, whom the defense attorney called a “bimbo” in his opening argument, has remembered more about the night in 2005 when she says Weinstein raped her than she did when she first talked to police about it.

Why didn’t she say from the start that he had penetrated her manually, for instance? Why didn’t she mention that he’d dropped a gift off at her home? And how could she not remember, even now, how long she was in her hotel suite, or what time it was when she left?

After trying not to think about what happened at all for many years, she answered, she couldn’t just pull those memories out of a trunk in her mental attic all pressed neatly and the camera was ready.

“I offered to talk to detectives initially to support other women, not to be up here on the witness stand,” Siebel Newsom said. “I

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