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Veritext Ensures Free Market System in Legal Services



LIVINGSTON, NJ, Nov. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Veritext Legal Solutionsthe leader in deposition and litigation support solutions, today announced a positive outcome to a 2016 federal antitrust lawsuit brought against members of the Louisiana Board of Examiners of Certified Shorthand Reporters (“Louisiana Board”).

In settling the matter, Veritext clients and court reporter partners may be assured that:

  • Veritext’s business practices are performed in accordance with all legal and regulatory standards.

  • Veritext serves all lawyers and all parties to a case equally and impartially, regardless of whom they represent.

  • Service level and price competition are appropriate and beneficial.

  • Court reporters need no longer fear individual risk of investigation or penalties from the Board solely for accepting work from Veritext.

“The Louisiana Board’s suggestion to the contrary was something we could not let stand unchallenged,” states Nancy Josephs, CEO of Veritext. In 2016, in response to an investigation the Louisiana Board initiated, Veritext filed a lawsuit in the US Eastern District of Louisiana Court alleging that members of the board engaged in anticompetitive behavior in violation of federal antitrust laws. “The Louisiana Board, through its actions, was interfering with our ability to serve our clients within the state by threatening investigations and other actions against licensed court reporters intended to deter them from accepting work,” continued Josephs.

Among other provisions, the settlement provides that

  • The Board cannot restrict price and service level competition among court reporters and court reporting firms.

  • The Board must cease any formal or informal investigations, orders, subpoenas or other proceedings against court reporters or court reporting firms for the purpose of restraining prices or service level competition.

  • The board member defendants whom Veritext believes spearheaded the anticompetitive conduct must step down from the board and are restricted from serving on the board or any

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