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Woman Says Dealership Told Her to Return New Car. Here’s Why

Recent car buyer and TikTok user Brooke (@brookebohannan_) is having an interesting issue. After buying her used 2023 Kia Telluride about a week ago, she received a phone call from the car dealership. In short, they want the car back.

“My husband gets a call last night that the lady who owned this car previously…wants the car back and I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard of that before,” Brooke says in her first video on the topic, which currently has over 8.1 million views as of Saturday.

According to Brooke, her husband insisted that that was not their problem and that they owned the car. The salesman countered by saying he could provide them with a similar vehicle, an offer Brooke’s husband did not accept.

“I called my dad, I called my uncle who has his own dealer and no one’s heard of this,” Brooke states.

Brooke then offers her own theories about what happened.

“We seem to think that maybe they gave us too good of a deal on this car and they’re looking at like their end of the month, whatever, at the dealership, and somebody’s getting in trouble because they sold this car for less than what they were supposed to,” she theorizes.

Regardless of why it happened, Brooke was not a fan of the dealership’s attempted solution.

“You don’t call the new owners of the vehicle and say, ‘We have a problem,’” she explains. “‘We’ don’t have a problem. It sounds like ‘you’ have a problem.”

From here, the story gets even more unbelievable.

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According to Brooke, she received another call from the dealership saying they would give them the same car they already

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