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Chicago nonprofit secures $200K in federal funding for legal services for youths, adults

A West Side nonprofit has secured $200,000 in federal funding for legal services for youths and adults.

Sen. Dick Durbin was able to get the money for Lawndale Christian Legal Center.


The center helps youth with social services, and guides them through the criminal justice system and helps them to never re-offend.

All the founding Board of Directors live in North Lawndale and over 50 percent of the staff live in the same community.

“Over the half of the cases have been juvenile court. All of its service are provided free of charge. Outcomes from 2020 include 89 percent of participants were not re-arrested on a new case or technical violation. Almost 90 percent weren’t re -arrested; 92-percent who were adjudicated guilty avoided incarceration; 73-percent of school-aged clients were enrolled in school or a GD program, and 69-percent of non-school-aged children found employment or were enrolled in vocational training, “Durbin said.

The Lawndale Christan Legal Center was established in April 2010.

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