Savannah Chrisley slams Lindsie Chrisley as her lawyer responds

Lindsie Chrisley selfie
Lindsie Chrisley’s attorney spoke out after Savannah Chrisley slammed her on a recent podcast. Pic credit: @lindsiechrisley/Instagram

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley has made it clear where she stands with her big sister, Lindsie Chrisley.

The two haven’t had a good relationship for most of their lives. Lindsie even spoke about how the sisters were pitted against each other growing up when she revealed that she blocked Savannah on social media.

Savannah appears to have some ill will toward her sister and the way she treated her mom, Julie Chrisley.

She told Nick Viall on The Viall Files, “She and my oldest brother from my dad’s first marriage, my mom always treated them as if they were hers. They didn’t necessarily treat her the same.”

Before Todd and Julie Chrisley began to serve their prison sentence, the family did a podcast together. It seemed things were working out between them, but it didn’t last long.

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Lindsie isn’t interested in the drama.

Lindsie Chrisley’s lawyer responds to Savannah Chrisley’s claims

While appearing on The Viall Files, Savannah Chrisley didn’t hold back on her thoughts about Lindsie Chrisley.

It was almost as if she blames her older sister for what happened to Todd and Julie Chrisley, which seems absurd.

Lindsie’s attorney spoke with PEOPLE, saying, “She’s dealing with a lot and it doesn’t surprise me that she’s lashing out at Lindsie. I mean, some of the stuff that she’s saying with regard to her parents, that’s got to be out of anger because it’s not in fact.”

Her attorney also noted that Lindsie was the only sibling to testify in the Chrisleys’ trial, and she did it for

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