Donald Trump’s Former Lawyer Thinks His 2024 Presidential Campaign Is a ‘Great Grift’ to Boost His Finances

donald-trump/” data-ylk=”slk:Donald Trump” class=”link “Donald Trump‘s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, continues to be a thorn in his side. He’s making sure to help spread any bad press the former president receives because he thinks there is a less-than-reputable reason as to why Donald Trump would be running for president again.

Cohen, who had his own legal troubles with tax and bank fraud, told CNN that he doesn’t think Donald Trump is “going to be able to run with all the litigation and the sedition that he’s committed against this country.” He came right out and questioned how serious the former president is about his campaign — and he made a few strong points that many media outlets are missing.

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“In fact, all he’s done is file a single piece of paper making an announcement that he’s intending, that he’s running for the presidency of the United States as a Republican and he’s looking for the nomination,” Cohen said. “Ok, who’s his campaign manager? Who’s his finance director? Who’s his press secretary? Who is his scheduler? Where’s his staff? There is none.”

He believes that the announcement is another chapter in “the great gift of Donald” because it’s about getting his voter base “to send in more money under the guise that he’s going to run.” Cohen alleged that Donald Trump wanted to pad his bank account instead of seriously running for president. With his campaign underway (sort of), Donald Trump will have a lot to prove to make a GOP comeback and it doesn’t sound like he’s making much of an impression so far.

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