Elderly lawyer shoots dead two climate protesters blocking highway

A retired lawyer allegedly shot and killed two men who were part of a protest blocking a highway in Panama.

While he has not been officially named by police, the suspect has been widely reported to be Kenneth Darlington, 77, a retired American lawyer and university professor who lives in Panama.

Police said on X (formerly Twitter) that a man has been arrested at the scene, where he was charged with aggravated homicide and illegal possession of a firearm.

Mr Darlington, who was born in Panama but has US citizenship, was caught up in a traffic jam on Tuesday on a highway 55 miles west of Panama City, caused by protesters campaigning against the recent deal the Panama government made to restart a copper mine.

The protest attracted a group of photographers and TV reporters to the site of the traffic block, where they had lined the middle of the highway with tyres, flags, tree branches and stones to stop the cars.

Despite the cameras, horrific video footage showed Mr Darlington, who was allegedly caught in the traffic, walking up to the protesters and open firing, leaving two men dead.

According to the Panama TV network TVN, who reported they were able to access the court hearing on the shooting incident for a few minutes, the suspect uttered something along the lines of “this ends here” before leaving his vehicle and storming up the highway towards the protesters.

The widely circulated video footage shows Mr Darlington arguing with a group of men from the protest.

He allegedly asked who the leaders of the campaigners were, to which the men replied that there were none.

“I don’t want to talk to women. I want to talk to men,” he responded, according to TVN.

While he was still confronting the protesters,

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Carlee Russell’s Lawyer Confirms ‘There Was No Kidnapping’ in New Statement

Carlee Russell, the 26-year-old Alabama woman believed to have gone missing while driving home from work, has officially shared her side of the story.

Russell’s attorney Emory Anthony provided a statement on her behalf to Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis to read during a July 24 press conference.

“There was no kidnapping on Thursday, July 13, 2023,” the lawyer said. “My client did not see a baby on the side of the road. My client did not leave the Hoover area when she was identified as a missing person.”

Russell’s attorney also clarified that she didn’t have “any help” during the incident.

“This was a single act done by herself,” the statement continued. “My client was not with anyone or any hotel with anyone from the time she was missing. My client apologizes for her actions to this community, the volunteers who were searching for her, to the Hoover Police department and other agencies as well, [and] to her friends and family.”

“We ask for your prayers for Carlee as she addresses her issues and attempts to move forward, understanding that she made a mistake in this matter. Carlee again asks for your forgiveness and prayers,” the attorney’s note concluded.

As Parade previously reported, Russell called 911 on July 13, alleging that she’d seen a toddler walking on the highway. The woman then called a family member to share the same encounter. When police arrived, they found Russell’s car and belongings but no trace of her or the child. Russell returned home on foot around 10:45 p.m. on July 15 following a 49-hour search into her disappearance, per police.

In an earlier press conference held on Thursday, July 19, Hoover Police Department chief Nicholas Derzis revealed that Russell’s search history on her cell phone included queries like “do

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Grandmother accused of attempted cocaine trafficking misses court as lawyer cites dementia

An Adelaide grandmother charged with attempted cocaine trafficking failed to appear in court today for medical reasons, with her lawyer saying she was suffering from significant dementia.

Flinders Park woman Eudoxia Pehlivanidis and her grandson Kosta Adam Pehlivanidis were charged earlier this year for allegedly attempting to traffic a large quantity of the drug.

Mrs Pehlivanidis’s defence lawyer said her client had trouble coming into settings like court due to her illness.

“There’s some aggression and the like,” her lawyer said.

Mrs Pehlivanidis was arrested at the age of 82 in February, when police conducted a property search amid an investigation into the “attempted importation of eight kilograms of cocaine”.

Police estimated the alleged quantity had a street value of $3.2 million.

The prosecution today asked the court for another six months to analyse evidence from both New South Wales Police and SA Police.

“There’s also likely to be drug analysis and DNA related evidence to assist,” a prosecutor said.

Mrs Pehlivanidis’s defence lawyer asked police to provide her with police footage before the pair’s next appearance.

“I’m seeking a copy of the record interview for Mrs Pehlivanidis and also any footage of the police entry to the property,” she said.

The grandmother’s lawyer said the footage may help in the process of writing Mrs Pehlivanidis’s medical reports.

Mr Pehlivanidis declined to comment outside of court.

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Fresno civil rights attorney plans to file claim against city over latest police shooting

Civil rights attorney Kevin Little, who is representing the family of a Fresno man shot and killed by police on March 4, said Wednesday he is planning to file a claim with the City of Fresno.

Little made the statement during a rally protesting shootings by police. Little was joined outside of the U.S. District Courthouse on Tulare Street by several activists including Gloria Hernandez and Dez Martinez.

Filing a claim against the city is the first step toward a civil lawsuit in federal court.

Hernandez said the shooting of the city’s citizens by Fresno police must stop.

She mentioned the recent conditional settlement the family of OIiver Hernandez entered into with the city.

The family sued the city on Jan. 1, 2020, alleging wrongful death, negligence, battery and violation of civil rights.

Officers with SWAT shot and killed the 29-year-old Hernandez on Jan. 5, 2019, after a roughly six-hour standoff at the Village Apartments on Ninth Street and Bulldog Lane. Police said he was armed with an ax, but his family said Hernandez was sitting down when he was shot and was not an immediate threat to anyone because he was alone.

Hernandez turned the rally’s attention to the most recent Fresno police shooting.

Officers killed Roberto Corchado on March 4 near Herndon and Ingram avenues. Police said there was an exchange of gunfire between Corchado and officers. Police said an officer was struck by a round in his bullet resistant vest, apparently saving his life, and other gunshots struck a police vehicle.

A preliminary investigation by the state Department of Justice didn’t come to the same conclusion.

“Although there was reportedly an exchange of gunfire, preliminary investigation indicates that the decedent was not in possession of a deadly weapon at the time of the fatal shooting,” said

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Attorney says Idaho murder victims didn’t know suspect Bryan Kohberger

An attorney for the family of one of the University of Idaho students who was slain in November said victims Kaylee Goncalves and Maddie Mogen didn’t know the suspect, as investigators continued to search for a motive in the killings.

The attorney for the Goncalves’ family said that, as far as he knew, she and Mogen, whom police said died in the same bed during the Nov. 13 stabbing attack, did not know suspect Bryan Kohberger.

Kohberger, 28, faces four charges of first-degree murder in connection with their deaths and the deaths of two others, Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle.

“I don’t know of anybody that did know him,” attorney Shanon Gray said on TODAY on Jan. 11.

“All those girls were social. They were involved in the college. They were working hard, waitressing and doing different things. So the idea that he may have ran across their paths I don’t think is uncommon.”

At the time of the slayings, Kohberger was a doctoral student studying criminal justice and criminology at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. The university is about a 15-minute drive from the University of Idaho campus in Moscow.

Investigators say campus police there identified Kohberger on Nov. 29 after midnight and connected him to a Hyundai Elantra seen near the crime scene.

Students at Washington State are now questioning why the police waited a month to arrest Kohberger, apparently letting him remain on campus until the December break.

“We found out later that he’s literally a student on campus who’s walking around with us,” Washington State student Anne Murphy told TODAY. “It felt like they were trying to keep it from us or something.”

“I will 100% stand behind the way that we handled this investigation,” Moscow Police Chief James Fry said at a news

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Texas attorney found dead days after being taken down by bar patrons in alleged attempted shooting of ex-girlfriend

A Texas attorney caught on video allegedly pulling out a gun and trying to shoot a former girlfriend at the bar where she worked before being tackled by two patrons was found dead Wednesday, days after being released on bail.

The Austin Police Department told Fox News Digital that officers found Gavin Rush dead around 4:25 pm after receiving a request to conduct a welfare check. A police spokesperson did not say how Rush died.

“The death is not considered suspicious and the investigation is still ongoing,” the department said.

Rush, 41, was arrested on Nov. 26 after storming into the Anderson Mill Pub in Austin with a gun to confront the woman who was working behind the bar, following a breakup, according to court records.


Attorney Gavin Rush points a gun at his ex-girlfriend, who is working at a bar in Austin, Texas, before being tackled by two patrons.

Attorney Gavin Rush points a gun at his ex-girlfriend, who is working at a bar in Austin, Texas, before being tackled by two patrons.
(Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly)

He put a small leather satchel on the table and asked if he could speak with her, the police said.

“So you just aren’t going to talk to me,” he asked her, according to court documents.

When she replied “no,” Rush allegedly pulled a revolver out of the bag with an attached laser sight and centered it on her chest.

The security video of the incident shows two patrons, who are familiar with the couple and their breakup, lunging at Rush and tackling him to the floor. During the struggle, Rush placed the gun under his chin and tried to shoot himself, a police affidavit said.

One of the patrons said he was able to keep Rush’s finger off the trigger, police said. Rush fired at least three shots but no one was

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Lawyer gets 15 months behind bars for firebombing police car at protest

“I completely lost my way in the emotion of the night,” Urooj Rahman says at sentencing

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City attorney was sentenced to 15 months behind bars on Friday for firebombing an empty New York City police vehicle with another lawyer during protests over the murder of George Floyd.

Before hearing her sentence, Urooj Rahman asked a judge to spare her prison time and give her a “second chance” to redeem herself for what she called a momentary lapse of judgment.

“I’m so incredibly sorry for my reckless and wrong actions,” a tearful Rahman said in federal court in Brooklyn. “I don’t think there’s enough words to express my sorrow and regret. … I completely lost my way in the emotion of the night.”

This May 30, 2020 booking photo provided by the United States Attorney's Office of the Eastern District of New York shows Urooj Rahman.  (US Attorney's Office via AP, Files)

This May 30, 2020 booking photo provided by the United States Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of New York shows Urooj Rahman. (US Attorney’s Office via AP, Files)

US District Judge Brian Cogan praised her for choosing a career in public interest law to fight against social injustices.

“You’re a remarkable person who did a terrible thing one night,” Cogan said.

However, Cogan also scolded her for thinking she could get away with violent protests.

“It displays an amazing amount of arrogance. … It’s just a very arrogant way to think,” he said.

Federal prosecutors had recommended a sentence of 18 to 24 months as part of a plea deal.

Rahman and Colinford Mattis were arrested amid clashes between protesters and police on May 30, 2020, during an eruption of demonstrations following Floyd’s killing by a police officer in Minnesota.

Surveillance cameras recorded Rahman hurling an incendiary device into a parked police vehicle, setting fire to its console. No one was injured in the attack, but the vehicle was severely

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Attorney Says Cop Shooting Donovan Lewis In Bed Is “Textbook”

They’re not even trying to make good excuses anymore.

Protestors Rally At Columbus Police Department After Killing Of Donovan Lewis

Source: Gaelen Morse / Getty

Last week, BOSSIP reported that Officer Ricky Anderson an unarmed Black man in the early hours of August 30 in Columbus, Ohio. Police arrived at Donovan Lewis’ apartment at 2 am to serve a felony domestic assault warrant. The 20-year-old was unarmed in bed with nothing but a vape pen when Anderson fatally shot him. Like clockwork, anderson-officer-donovan-lewis-shooting-rex-elliot”WSYX reports the cop fired immediately at the unarmed man because he “believed his life was in danger.”

“He was devastated that he was placed in a situation where he had to use lethal force. As a parent himself, his heart goes out to the Lewis family. The human eye captures things differently than a body camera. There are different angles and stuff like that. But tactically everything that was done prior is sound. Everything that was done was by his training,” according to defense attorney Mark Collins.

“Sometimes they are in a situation where they have to make a split-second decision. And in this situation, Anderson believed what he saw was a gun, and so that is why he fired because he believed his life was in danger,” he predictably said.

Isn’t that convenient? This trigger-happy cop who can’t tell the difference between a gun and a vape pen followed his training. This is why after decades of begging for police reform, activists and communities seek to defund and abolish the police. It doesn’t take billions and billions of dollars worth of military gear and so-called training to shoot first and ask questions later.

“Of course, he was mistaken, that it was not a gun,” Collins continued. “But was that a reasonable mistake? The Supreme Court cases and the jury instructions give

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Lawyer seeks to toss evidence in Kaitlin Armstrong homicide case

As police questioned professional cyclist Moriah "Mo" Wilson” class=”link “Kaitlin Armstrong while investigating the killing of professional cyclist Moriah “Mo” WilsonArmstrong asked to leave five times before police granted her request, according to a motion Armstrong’s attorney filed Wednesday seeking to suppress evidence in the murder case.

When police interrogated Armstrong on May 12 — before releasing herdue to an Austin Police Department detective’s mistaken belief that a misdemeanor warrant was invalid — officers did not read Armstrong her rights before questioning her, the motion says.

As a result, Armstrong’s attorney argued, the court should not allow prosecutors to use the evidence because it was gathered improperly. The motion requests an evidentiary hearing.

More:armstrong-fled-to-costa-rica/65370395007/” data-ylk=”slk:A new name and new life: How Kaitlin Armstrong disappeared — and how she was found” class=”link “A new name and new life: How Kaitlin Armstrong disappeared — and how she was found

The motion also includes pages of a transcribed police interview with Colin Strickland, Armstrong’s longtime boyfriend. Strickland, also a professional cyclist, had a brief relationship with Wilson while he and Armstrong were separated, Strickland told police. Some top sponsors dropped Strickland, whom police have not named as a suspect in the case, after the shooting.

Surveillance footage captured Armstrong’s vehicle parked in the area of ​​an Austin residence about 8:30 pm, about an hour and a half before police found Wilson at the residence shot to death, Armstrong’s arrest affidavit says.

A detective asked Strickland whether Armstrong lets anyone borrow her car, and Strickland said her sister used to borrow it occasionally, according to the interview transcript.

Moriah Wilson was found shot to death in an Austin home.

Moriah Wilson was found shot to death in an Austin home.

Strickland told police that around the time he and Wilson started seeing each other in October, Armstrong made

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CT state police sergeant ‘sped off’ after crash

BROOKFIELD — The attorney representing a college student who was the victim in a hit-and-run crash says his client heard the tires peel out as the Dodge Charger sped away after totaling her Kia Optima.

The driver of the state-owned Charger — Connecticut State Police Sgt. Catherine Koeppel — was issued a misdemeanor summons for following too close and evading responsibility three days after the July 24 crash, state police said. She was released on a promise to appear this week in state Superior Court in Danbury. Koeppel was originally scheduled to appear Tuesday, but her court appearance has been pushed back to Friday.

“She was stopped at a red light, and she got rear-ended — twice — by the same person, who then sped off,” attorney Joseph Foti said in an interview with Hearst Connecticut Media, describing what happened to his client, a 20 -year-old New Milford college student.

Two weeks since the crash, state police have released few details about the incident. State police have not said where the off-duty Koeppel went following the crash, which occurred around 9:30 pm July 24 on Route 7 in Brookfield. State police have also not said why Koeppel left the scene without checking on the other driver.

The state police Public Information Office has declined to answer questions, citing an ongoing internal affairs investigation.

Koeppel, 36, is still reporting to work for desk duty, but her police powers have been suspended, state police said.

She could not be reached for comment and her attorney, Gene Zingaro, declined to comment.

State police said Koeppel and the driver of the car she is accused of hitting had “no apparent injury.”

However, Foti said his client was injured in the crash and is scheduled to start physical therapy for neck and

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