No charges in the fatal death of 19-year-old Buffalo State freshman

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — District Attorney John Flynn announced no charges in the fatal death of 19-year-old Buffalo State freshman, Tyler Lewis, Friday afternoon.

This comes days after his mother, Roquishia Lewis, held her own news conference.

The DA is saying the murder of Tyler Lewis is closed, but there was no arrests made when Tyler was killed.

“I put every piece of evidence in the grand jury,” he says. “I put enough evidence in the grand jury to give a proper picture of what happened here and the grand jury no billed it.”

Tyler’s mom, Roquishia Lewis, says she believes the DA only held the news conference because she sent an email to his office pledging to hold Flynn and investigators accountable with the evidence her private investigator gathered.

“Basically I called them out on it,” the mother says. “ I let them know that I know exactly all the information and evidence I have and their only concern was how I got the information and it’s sad.”

District Attorney John Flynn replies to the mother’s actions.

“The mother of the victim sent an email basically admitting she taped recorded conversations in our office,” Flynn says. “So my instincts are usually right not to get in the weeds with the family was for a good reason.”

The Buff State freshman that majored in business administration was stabbed on October 14th on the grounds of the University at Buffalo’s North Campus.

He went to UB with what he thought were his friends that night.

DA John Flynn says Tyler and the others had a drug deal that went wrong.

The suspect who is said to be a White man between the age of 19 and 22 stabbed Tyler in the chest, in a car.

Flynn says this happened after Tyler presented $1,800 in counterfeit money and punched the accused stabber.

“We know the routes taken, the body is at, but we never recovered a knife or marijuana everything else besides that we know what happened,” District Attorney John Flynn says. “So any future comments of me somehow sandbagging the process can be further but the truth.”

Flynn says after Tyler was left bleeding on the grounds of UB the people involved got lawyers.

The DA says the stabber cleaned the inside of his bloody car and handed it to police, but the accused stabber was not arrested.

Reporter:”So with the stabber cleaning the blood away there’s no responsibility legally whatsoever? Flynn: No, no. Yoselin: “So what charges did you present to the grand jury? Flynn: I can’t answer that question. Yoselin: So no arrests? Flynn: No, the only way there’s an arrest is if they vote to indict then I’ll make an arrest on the indictment.”

The University at Buffalo released a statement in response to Friday’s news conference:

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Erie County District Attorney John Flynn provided an update on Friday, March 10, regarding the multi-agency investigation into the tragic death of Tyler Lewis, with a grand jury concluding that no charges will be filed in the case.

A statement from Flynn is posted online via the DA’s Twitter account[]. Video of the DA’s press briefing can be found on the district attorney’s Facebook []page (Part 1 [] and Part 2[]).

“During the many months of this investigation, we extend our appreciation to our law enforcement partners from across the region for their assistance during this comprehensive investigation, including the Office of the Erie County District Attorney, New York State Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Town of Amherst Police and Erie County Central Police Services.,” said Chris Bartolomei, UB chief of police. “To Tyler’s family and friends: the investigators, officers and staff within the University Police continue to extend their sincerest condolences.”

During Friday’s briefing, Flynn mentioned the involvement of a UB student who was a friend of the victim. That individual is no longer a student at UB.

University Police would also like to acknowledge the admirable actions of a UB resident assistant (RA) who quickly called for assistance on Oct. 14, 2022, ensuring the prompt arrival of UB Police to the scene — one minute after the call to dispatch — where officers provided first aid and CPR until EMS arrived 11 minutes after the RA’s initial call.

University Police will have no further comment on the case.

It’s unsure whether that student has been expelled or left on their own terms.

Meanwhile, a mother is left grieving the loss of her only child.

“Tyler I love you and I will continue and never stop fighting for you,” Roquishia Lewis, says.

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