Maria Bartiromo Sets Alina Habba Up to Violate Gag Order

Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo tried to get Alina Habba to attack the judge presiding over Donald Trump’s civil fraud case — but was quickly reminded that Habba is legally prohibited from doing so.

The Trump attorney spoke with Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, where the Fox host complained that Attorney General Letitia James can speak freely about the case, but “President Trump is not allowed to say anything.” This was a dramatic oversimplification of the fact that Trump and his lawyers were put under a partial gag order after weeks of vitriolic attacks against Judge Arthur Engoron’s court staff. Trump is still legally permitted to attack Engoron personally, which he continues to do.

Habba denounced the supposed infringement of Trump’s First Amendment rights as she told Bartiromo “We have a gag order currently against certain issues that we can’t speak to.” It was shortly afterwards that Bartiromo tried to angle Habba into speaking about the very subjects she isn’t allowed to talk about now.

“You have been complaining about the judge’s clerk, and you say that the judge is compromised and the clerk appears compromised,” Bartiromo said. “Tell me why.”

Habba clearly didn’t want to risk violating the order, answering “I actually can’t tell you why, because I’m gagged. I can tell you that, you know, we’ll be filing papers to address all of those issues.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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