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Cervantes Abogadosis one of Mexico’s most prestigious law firms. Set up more than two decades ago, this multi-service law firm has made itself known in the Mexican and international legal market for its personalized, effective, and high-impact legal services.

Luis A. Cervantes Muñiz, a law professor for over forty years, is the founding partner of Cervantes Abogados. He has dedicated his life to understanding the law and all of its complexities, ensuring he stays up to date with the latest practices. His passion for the law is evident.

Cervantes Abogados’ greatest asset is their team, all of whom show the same dedication to the law as Mr. Cervantes. The team is composed of individuals who demonstrate passion for the practice of law and true loyalty, giving them qualities beyond just their high standard of academic preparation.

Building a team around these principles ensures that they are all committed to providing the best legal services to their clients. The relationships fostered between the firm and its clients are a large part of the success it has enjoyed. Cervantes thinks of its clients as partners with whom they share a vested interest. They are notorious for fighting their clients’ corners to the best of their abilities,”being creative and doing whatever we must do – within the law – to achieve the results.

The philosophy is simple, to attract potential clients by adding value to their businesses.

We believe in going the extra mile, we believe in making an extra effort, we believe in adding value. My philosophy has always been that I must be attractive to the client; I need to add value to their business.”

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Photo Credit By: Cervantes Abogados

Cervantes prides itself on always going the extra mile and proposing innovative legal solutions to its clients. The firm encourages regular collaboration between employees of all levels to aid in the generation of fresh ideas and facilitate innovation. All of this is to serve the company’s mission: complete personalization and tailoring of services towards their clients’ needs.

The pandemic has had a lasting effect on how businesses operate, affecting people and companies in various ways. At Cervantes, the COVID-19 pandemic was seen as an opportunity to innovate. Cervantes now takes advantage of multiple technologies to streamline production processes. They work with their suppliers to develop customized tools tailored to their clients. These enable them to better follow up on the matters entrusted to them and issue progress reports, as well as centralized databases, allowing them to better share information among those working on the same project.

These tools also allow them to communicate remotely with their clients while safeguarding the confidentiality of data and information. This is fundamental for the firm, given that 50 percent of its clients are international.

But this innovation was not limited to processes. They reviewed their whole approach to the legal system. They took a fresh perspective when reviewing the status quo, stating:

“We had to break and fracture, get rid of traditional ways of applying the law… The law was not prepared, designed or produced thinking of an extraordinary environment.”

The firm has since helped incorporate many precedents Contrary to those in use prior to the pandemic. One such key principle is the need to review contracts in light of exceptional circumstances – such as a global pandemic.

Cervantes appreciates that the most important resource in any organization is human capital and that nurturing employees is critical to generating future growth. They enable continuous development and progression by increasing their level of training and specialization, allowing all employees to upskill. All of this translates into superlative quality.

Legal firms have a reputation for generating a poor working environment and work-life balance. Cervantes is a dynamic firm that strives for excellence, but one that also takes care of its employees and wants to provide a positive workplace. The firm prides itself on the atmosphere they have cultivated, and accordingly, the efficient workforce they have.

The company has an inclusive policy and emphasizes the importance of women in their line of work, stating, “we champion diversity and inclusion.” Half of their employees are female. To achieve this, they have acknowledged the wide variety of living situations experienced by their workforce and aim to cater more directly to female employees to break the glass ceiling. One such program has allowed employees to take children into the office if they do not have anywhere to leave them.

Cervantes is a firm that has sought to set itself apart from other law firms by innovating and paying close attention to both its customers and its employees. They aim to add value to their clients through the delivery of highly customized and leading legal solutions.

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