Legal Services of North Florida filed a Fair Housing Act complaint

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Most of the Orange Avenue apartments have been torn down making way for new housing.

The Tallahassee Housing authority is redeveloping that apartment complex.

Last year 200 tenants who received section eight housing money had to relocate.

According to the lawsuit filed by the Legal Services of North Florida, Tallahassee housing authority violated the fair housing act by making false promises.

In their claim, According to Legal Services,
relocation assistance support, proper housing during the redevelopment and guaranteed housing once it’s complete hasn’t happened.

Giovanni Bush is an attorney with legal services of north Florida.

He said this redevelopment is forcing people to live in lower income areas or segregated parts of town.

“Tallahassee lamentably it’s just one of those things where there’s no affordable units for them in other places in nicer areas” said Giovanni Bush.

Bush said this is failing the original commitment that was given to these tenants.

“It’s not really what the plan was from the outset so the goal is to file the complaint and return things back to what they were intended to be from the outset” said Bush.

According to The Tallahassee Housing Authority this redevelopment will create a bigger and better affordable housing.

ABC 27 reached out to the housing authority Thursday for their take but have not received any comment.

In 2020, we reported the Housing Authority said everyone living in the former complex would get the chance to move into another housing authority complex or get immediate approval for Section eight housing that works anywhere in the country.

Legal services of north Florida said they’re doing what they can to make sure that promise is kept.

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