Learn how Batavia Legal Aid can help

Did you know there is a Batavia Legal Aid Clinic is located in the Congregational Church of Batavia?

You may have thought, “Oh, that’s nice, but I have no need for legal help.” You might be surprised. Imagine yourself, or someone you know, in one of these situations:

• A woman who recently divorced is seeking to gain custody of her children. She needs help with the necessary paperwork and process.

• A couple that wants to do wills and needs help with the process and how to document them. What can they do themselves, or do they need a lawyer?

• A man who suffered an injury at work and is having difficulty with his employer. The man needs to work but is unable to work at former position. Because of this, he feels depressed and suicidal. (attorney counsels on legal rights and urges contact with a mental health professional.)

• A man is the owner of a vehicle that was being driven by someone else who had an accident that injured a party in the other vehicle. There was no liability insurance on the vehicle. The injured party is suing the vehicle’s owner. Attorney counsels on whether or not he needs an attorney and how to find one he can afford.

• A couple wants to adopt a child of whom they have temporary custody. What are the next steps and how can they find an attorney to represent them?


• A man is being harassed on social media by his ex-wife’s boyfriend. How can he stop this? He has an order of protection — can he get a no-contact order and does he need a lawyer?

These are composites of some of the clients served by the Batavia Legal Aid Clinic.

While the attorneys do not represent our clients, they advise on appropriate legal steps, how to find the appropriate forms and instructions, whether the client can handle the matter his or herself, and other recommendations on legal processes.

The Batavia Legal Aid Clinic works with Administer Justice, a nonprofit organization who partners with churches to provide low-cost legal aid. You do not need to be a member of the Congregational Church of Batavia to seek the help of these services.

The clinic is open every second Tuesday of the month, from 5:30 to 8 pm at the Congregational Church of Batavia, 21 S. Batavia Ave.

Appointments must be scheduled in advance. To schedule, call (855) 818-4554 or visit www.administerjustice.org to schedule online.

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