Lawyer: Joe, Hunter Biden have ‘nothing to do’ with Hunter’s daughter: ‘She’s never met either one’

Neither President Joe Biden nor his son Hunter have ever met Hunter’s four-year-old daughter, an attorney claimed this week, a stinging revelation that comes as Hunter attempts to negotiate lower child support payments to the mother of his child.

A report in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette this week revealed that Hunter is seeking to lessen payments to Lunden Roberts that go toward the support of their daughter, Navy Joan. The younger Biden cited “a substantial material change” in his “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income” as his reason for doing so.

In that report, Roberts’s lawyer, Clint Lancaster—who vowed to conduct a forensic audit into Hunter’s finances pursuant to the request—revealed that both Navy Joan’s father and grandfather are reportedly nonexistent in her life.

“She’s a happy, healthy, beautiful little girl that looks like a cross between her mother with some Biden splashed in,” he told the newspaper. “[She] does extremely well except for the fact that her father has nothing to do with her and her grandfather has nothing to do with her.”

“She’s never met either one,” he added.

Roberts and Navy Joan live in Independence County, in the northern part of Arkansas.

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