Former Trump Lawyer’s Testimony In New York Civil Fraud Trial Postponed Due To Health Concerns

Former President Donald Trump‘s ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, has postponed his testimony in the New York civil fraud trial against Trump due to health issues.

What Happened: Cohen’s testimony was scheduled for as early as Tuesday and was estimated to span over two days.

The duration of Cohen’s absence due to this health concern is undisclosed, The Hill reported.

It is possible he may testify later in the trial, which is anticipated to continue for several months, the report added.

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Last month, a judge ruled that Trump and his businesses committed fraud by manipulating the value of their assets to reduce taxes and secure better insurance coverage. As a result, multiple business licenses were set to be stripped.

Cohen, a crucial witness in the case, has suggested that the trial could potentially dismantle Trump’s business empire. He previously testified in 2019, alleging that Trump artificially boosted his wealth.

Despite his concerns over online attacks from Trump’s supporters, Cohen was slated to testify as early as Tuesday. Cohen’s statement led to the ongoing $250 million lawsuit initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The trial commenced on Oct. 2, with both New York Attorney General James and Trump present in the courtroom. A New York appeals court denied Trump’s request to temporarily halt the trial but paused the cancellation of his business licenses until after an appeals court hears his case.

The ex-president is also facing criminal charges from the Manhattan district attorney’s office related to hush-money payments, in which Cohen is expected to testify. Trump has denied the allegations in both the hush-money and civil cases and has publicly disparaged Cohen, referring to him as a “rat.”

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