CNN Host Dana Bash Abruptly Ends Fiery Interview with Trump Lawyer



Trump lawyer Alina Habba made a confrontational appearance on CNN Tuesday, just hours after a New York jury found former President Donald Trump liable for sexually abusing and later defaming journalist E. Jean Carroll—a verdict that comes with a steep $5 million price tag.

Habba spent most of her lengthy interview on CNN Primetime bickering with anchor Dana Bash, in particular near the end of her appearance when Bash mentioned the more than dozen women besides Carroll who have alleged sexual misconduct by Trump.

“I mentioned that there are 15 women altogether who have alleged that Trump sexually harassed or assaulted them,” the CNN host said. When she attempted to ask Habba if she was concerned about any further legal actions being taken in light of the outcome of Carroll’s civil lawsuit, Habba interrupted.

“Are we talking about 2016?” she said.

“All told,” Bash replied. But Habba insisted on trying to argue that Bash simply referencing Trump’s accusers was evidence of some political agenda.

“Are you talking about 2016? Is that the desperation that we’re at right now?” Habba continued.

When Bash was finally able to get her question out without an interjection, Habba instead pivoted to questioning her integrity as a journalist—and suggested her goal was to make Trump look bad.

“No, I think you are concerned that [Trump] is going to win, which is why you are bringing up 2016 things, because you have nothing to bring up,” she said. “And you should be concerned. He is leading in the polls.”

Bash immediately took issue with Habba’s characteristic barb.

“I am a journalist. I am not concerned about anything,” Bash said. “I am asking you, as one of his attorneys, about things that are out there,” she continued, before Habba once more harped on the year that many of Trump’s accusers came forward.

Bash abruptly ended the interview shortly after as Habba gave an emphatic “no” in response to her initial question.

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