Bengaluru rains turn cars to boats: Points to note for insurance claim

Cars and two-wheelers submerged under rainwater has become a rather common sight across Bengaluru but can insurance claims come as a relief to owners?

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07 Sep 2022, 10:59 AM

Most parts of Bengaluru city has been submerged in rainwater over the past several days as incessant rains have caused havoc in the capital of Karnataka. While commuting has become a nightmare and staying in homes in which rainwater has entered is hardly better, people at large have had to face enormous hardships owed to a problem largely caused by civic apathy. And adding to the woes are hundreds of submerged vehicles that could have suffered possibly irreversible damages.

From compact to SUVs and super luxury vehicles, the waterlogged conditions have spared none. While several vehicles have been seen gradually making way through waterlogged roads, many more have been seen parked in residential areas but with water either till the bonnet or even beyond.

Motor insurance companies are now bracing for a slew of claims in Bengaluru as owners of potentially damaged vehicles look at getting repair work done. But what are the basic nuances to keep in mind in this regard? Read on.

What to do when vehicle is stranded on waterlogged roads?

Whether on flooded roads or parked in waterlogged parking spaces, it is absolutely crucial that the vehicle is not started as this increases the risk of engine damage manifold. It is crucial that the water does not enter the engine bay area as any damage to the engine is not results in one of the most expensive repair works but can render the vehicle entirely useless and beyond repairs.

Damage to vehicle caused by driving through flooded roads is considered as an inconsequential loss which is usually not covered by insurance agencies unless a specific add-on plan is taken at the time of renewal.

In either case, it is important to contact the insurance agency at the earliest. Click photos of the vehicle in its existing state and from all angles. Upload these photos on the website of the insurance company and raise a claim request. Call the company helpline number to register a claim as a secondary measure.

There would be an inspection – either virtual or in person – where the genuine-ness of the claim would be assessed.

What are the chances an auto insurance claim is rejected?

Whether a claim is entertained or rejected almost always depends on factors such as policy details, company track record and prevailing situations in an area or locality.

Most motorists opt only for a third-party insurance cover as it is mandatory. If an add-on like an engine protection cover was taken at the time of policy renewal, it significantly increased the chances of a claim being passed. If not, it would largely depend on a case-to-case basis.

What happens if a vehicle is damaged beyond repair?

Once again, this depends on the details of the policy but there is a chance that the Insured Declared Value or IDV at the time of policy renewal is given to the owner of the said vehicle in case of total damage.

First Published Date: 07 Sep 2022, 10:59 AM IST

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