Attorney’s rush to advise St. Ignatius parents upsetting

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Sending healing thoughts to the families of St. Ignatius hockey team that was involved in the horrible crash while in Indiana. Am I the only person that is upset with the attorney/parent that continued these families offering free legal advice so soon after? After all, if given these cases they will stand to make millions of dollars in legal fees. I don’t see a parent trying to help and soothe the anguish of these families, I see a money grabbing, ambulance chaser.

Linda, Orland Park

Now that Republicans control the House, they have promised an investigation of the Biden crime family. Of course, the Democrat voters know nothing about Hunter, Jim and Joe because they live on CNN and MSNBC, the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

Jim, Homewood

It’s about time. Nancy Pelosi has announced she will not seek a leadership role in the House in the upcoming Congress. It’s too bad for her party she didn’t do that sooner. Just as many points to the former president as the reason for the lackluster Republican results at the midterm, she may have done her party a favor by stepping aside before Nov. 8. Perhaps she is at least part of the reason Republicans were able to regain a major in the House.

Mary, Tinley Park

I have always wondered when candidates won an election by 1 or 2 percentage points, say 51 to 49, did they ever think about the voters who voted against them. Or, does the candidate say to themselves I won and that is that. I do not care about the 49% who voted against me. I only care about the 51% who voted for me. I just wondered.

M, Oak Forest

That Republicans now have control of the House. Instead of working for the American people during this time of crisis we are having, with the high cost of everything from soup to nuts, the Republican’s top agenda is to get their hands on President Biden and his family dealings overseas. Their hope is to impeach Biden. So it looks like nothing will get done. In the background, they want to increase the age for receiving Social Security benefits. We will see if the Democrats and Republicans can walk and chew gum at the same time.

BJ, Hazel Crest

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