Alex Jones’ CT attorney facing punishment in Sandy Hook trial

NEWTOWN — A judge will decide Wednesday whether to judge-gravely-concerned-Alex-Jones-17365178.php”>punish one of Connecticut’s highest-profile defense attorneys over allegations that he shared with other lawyers protected medical records of grieving Sandy Hook families who won a defamation case against Alex Jones.

Norm Pattis, a New Haven attorney who is running Jones’ defense in Connecticut, got into trouble this month when state Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis learned about the possible confidentiality breach from news reports out of the explosive second week of Jones’ trial in Texas, where a jury ordered Jones to pay two Sandy Hook parents $49 million in defamation damages.

Pattis, who says he’s done nothing to deserve discipline or sanctions by sharing pretrial information with Jones’ lead attorney in Texas, argued in court papers, “any misconduct is vehemently denied here as Mr. Pattis’ conduct fell directly within the permissible conduct under a careful reading of the confidentiality order.”

Specifically, Pattis wanted Bellis to dismiss her inquiry because Jones’ parent company has filed for bankruptcy protection and therefore has stalled a Sept. 6 trial in Waterbury to see how much Jones must pay an FBI agent and eight Sandy Hook families he defamed.

No, Bellis responded on Monday.

“While (this is) … presently pending in the bankruptcy courts, this disciplinary matter is directed to (lawyers) and not the parties, such that the court has jurisdiction to address the disciplinary issues,” Bellis ruled.

The Wednesday showdown between Bellis and Pattis is the latest drama in a story that captured nationwide headlines early this month, when Jones as the face of American conspiracy culture and two parents of a slain Sandy Hook boy as the face of American families of loss confronted each other face to face for the first time in a Texas courtroom.

“Do you think I’m an actress?” Asked mother Scarlett Lewis to Jones sitting at the defense table.

“No, I don’t think you’re an actress,” Jones replied before the judge could tell Jones that his time to speak in court would come when he took the stand.

The headline-grabbing events of the two-week trial might have caused even readers who were following closely to miss newsworthy moments – such as when Jones told the father Neil Heslin after the judge had left “I let your son down and I apologize for everything ,” or when Jones on the witness stand said that the 2012 slaying of 26 first-graders and educators was “100 percent real” but at the same time said the worst crime in Connecticut history was an “outrageous cover-up.”

Wednesday’s showdown between Bellis and Pattis will include an appearance before the judge from Andino Reynal, Jones’ lead attorney in Texas, who received from Pattis 27 months of Jones’ phone records along with Sandy Hook families’ medical records, according to testimony during the Texas trial.

The showdown comes as Reynal is preparing for a second jury trial in Texas to determine how much in damages Jones has to pay the parents of a second boy slain in the Sandy Hook massacre who Jones was found liable for defaming in 2022.

Pattis urged the judge to reconsider.

“[T]his is not simply a matter of evaluating attorney conduct and potential discipline,” Pattis’ attorney wrote to Bellis. “It involves also the interpretation of the confidentiality order terms which is now solely for the federal bankruptcy judge.”

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