April 2, 2024

Former Trump Lawyer Accuses Biden Of Coordinating To Prosecute Trump

More projection from former Trump attorney turned “legal spokesperson” Alina Habba on Fox “news” this week. Habba made an appearance on this Thursday’s Hannity, and here’s the exchange between her and guest host, Judge Box-O-Wine Jeanine Pirro on the proceedings in Fulton County, Georgia now that the judge allowed Fani Willis to remain on the case, with Habba pushing the debunked lie that the Biden administration coordinated with the Justice Department to prosecute Trump.

PIRRO: Alina, welcome. It has been a very interesting week. The argument this week, actually today in Fulton County before Judge McAfee, regarding the claim by the president’s attorney and some of the co-defendants’ attorneys, that the essence of the indictment has to do more with the First Amendment and free speech than a crime and RICO. What say you?

HABBA: Number one, you and I both know, Judge Jeanine, that we have only one RICO situation, and that’s what’s happening with the Merrick Garland-Biden administration. Let’s be honest about it. We’ve seen the White House logs. We’ve seen the proof. The only RICO is the coordination against Donald Trump.

What they argued today was very simple. A president has a right to speak. A human being, an American, this country is based on the constitutional First Amendment rights to speech. He had that right and he did so. He has also a right as the executive branch to question and provide election integrity. God knows our country needs that right now, Jeanine. I know you know it. I know it. The American people know it.

So that’s why we’re looking at this from a serious standpoint of constitutional violations, not to mention all the, frankly, the nonsense and the noise. It might be the only time I agree with CNN is when they say

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