April 2024

Elon Musk’s Lawyer Faces Possible Sanctions Over Deposition Behavior

  • Alex Spiro faces potential sanctions over his behavior during Elon Musk’s deposition.
  • An opposing lawyer accused Spiro, Musk’s go-to attorney, of acting “astonishingly unprofessional.”
  • The deposition is part of a lawsuit accusing Musk of falsely linking a man to a neo-Nazi group.

Alex Spiro, Elon Musk’s personal attorney, could be sanctioned over his conduct during a recent deposition with the billionaire — if the lawyer facing off against him in a legal battle gets his way.

Musk was deposed last month for a lawsuit against the X owner that alleges Musk boosted a conspiracy theory that falsely affiliated 22-year-old Ben Brody with a neo-Nazi group.

In a court filing from Monday, Brody’s lawyer, Mark Bankston — who famously represented the parents of a Sandy Hook victim and won a $45 million defamation case against Alex Jones — argued that Spiro had demonstrated “astonishingly unprofessional” behavior and “seriously overstepped his bounds” during the deposition, Bloomberg first reported.

Spiro repeatedly cut off Bankston’s line of questioning and attempted to make fun of Bankston, the lawyer wrote in his sanctions motion, according to Bloomberg.

Spiro pushed back on the motion in an emailed comment to Business Insider.

“This is amateur hour,” Spiro told BI. “I understand this lawyer wants his 15 minutes of fame, but these shakedown tactics won’t work.”

In the motion, Bankston claims Spiro was the only defense attorney present at the deposition even though he’s not authorized to practice law in Texas, according to Bloomberg’s report. The motion indicated that in the Texas case, two other lawyers who are permitted to practice in the state have also represented Musk, the publication said. Spiro is a partner at the New

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Mumbai woman and minor girl molested, lawyer beaten in Ujjain | Indore News

INDORE: A visit to temple city Ujjain turned into a nightmare for a Supreme Court advocate from Mumbai and his family on Sunday when they were attacked by a kiosk owner after a dispute over buying prasad from his shop.
The lawyer was hospitalised with head injuries, and a woman and a minor girl in the family allegedly molested during the confrontation. Within hours, the Ujjain administration bulldozed 15 illegal shops, including that of the prime accused, near the famed Kal Bhairav temple.
Ujjain SP Pradeep Sharma and collector Neeraj Kumar Singh that the accused, Raja Bhati, has been arrested. He, too, is injured.
The lawyer and his family of eight arrived in Ujjain on Saturday night. Early Sunday morning, they attended Bhasmarti at Mahakal Jyotirlinga temple and then hired a van to visit other temples. Kal Bhairav temple is a must visit for every devotee.
The driver parked near one of the shops that line the approach road to the temple. When the family returned after darshan, shop owner Raja Bhati demanded that they buy prasad from him, arguing that they had parked in front of his business.
The family refused, saying they had finished their puja and did not need it. Bhati threw a packet of prasad into the van and demanded Rs 200 from them, says the complaint. Other kiosk owners joined in and a heated argument ensued.
The family says one of the women was dragged out of the car by her hair, her clothes ripped, and she and a minor girl were groped.
The lawyer was struck on the head with an iron rod and began bleeding. The traumatized family tried to get to a hospital but the kiosk owners blocked their way. Driver Kamal Kumar managed to rescue them from the melee and
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Kodak Black”s Lawyer Responds To Limo Company’s $618K Filing

Kodak Black has had a few unfortunate runs with the law in the last two years. Since his release from prison in February, the “Last Day In” rapper has kept a relatively low profile.

But it appears his alleged past actions are catching up with him. According to HipHopDX (a fellow subsidiary of Warner Music Group), Kodak is being sued by a transportation service company for unpaid services.

In the documents filed on March 27, I&D Concierge, a limo company based in Queens, New York, accused Kodak of supposedly racking up a tab of $618,070.10. A representative for the business alleged that for several months, Kodak would average out six figures in transportation needs.

However, Kodak Black’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, spoke with TMZ. “I&D took full advantage of his client when he was going through a rough patch,” he said. “And capitalized on the situation.”

Cohen alleges that I&D “ran the clock” when Kodak would call for a car. Due to the hour-long wait, Kodak decided to order an Uber instead, forgetting to cancel his initial request with I&D. However, the I&D driver arrived at his home and sat there until Kodak came back; the company went on to bill him for up to 16 hours.

Read the full excerpt listed in the court paperwork below.

Commencing in September 2018, the defendant engaged Plaintiff’s services and began using Plaintiff for its transportation needs on a regular basis. From September 2018 to December 2023, Defendant’s charges with Plaintiff averaged approximately $150,000 to $200,000 per month.

Between January 2023 and December 2023, in accordance with the agreement and terms between the parties, as well their course of dealing, Plaintiff provided Defendants, pursuant to their specific instance, request and confirmed order, the following services totaling $618,070.11 (the “Charges”).

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Lawyer says beaten St. Louis teen Kaylee Gain has limited speech, difficulty walking after viral fight

A Missouri teenager who suffered a serious brain injury in a viral fight outside a St. Louis high school earlier this month has recovered enough to leave the hospital’s ICU, but has limited speech and trouble walking on her own, a lawyer representing her family confirmed.

Kaylee Gain, a 16-year-old student at Hazelwood East High School, has been hospitalized since March 8 with a fractured skull that resulted in brain bleeding and swelling after she was thrown to the ground and had her head repeatedly bashed against the concrete by a fellow student. The brawl was recorded and shared widely on social media.

As can be seen in the video, other teens continued fighting around Gain as she lay limp in the street before EMTs could arrive on the scene.

She remained unconscious up until last week, attorney Bryan M. Kaemmerer said in a statement shared with the Daily News.

On Friday, Kaemmerer revealed Gain is awake and now “able to engage in limited verbal conversations.”

“Kaylee also recently began speech therapy, and has gone on a few short walks with the assistance of hospital staff as she is still unable to ambulate on her own,” he said, adding that the teen has no recollection of the fight that landed her in the hospital.

Gain’s alleged assailant, 15-year-old Maurnice DeClue, was arrested in connection to the brutal beating. Gain’s parents are pushing for her to be tried as an adult.

“The family believes trying the accused as an adult is the most appropriate way to provide the justice that Kaylee deserves,” Kaemmerer said in his Friday statement.

The DeClue family shared a statement of their own on Thursday with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “to address the misconceptions surrounding Maurnice’s character,” they wrote. They described the 15-year-old as

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Former Trump Lawyer Accuses Biden Of Coordinating To Prosecute Trump

More projection from former Trump attorney turned “legal spokesperson” Alina Habba on Fox “news” this week. Habba made an appearance on this Thursday’s Hannity, and here’s the exchange between her and guest host, Judge Box-O-Wine Jeanine Pirro on the proceedings in Fulton County, Georgia now that the judge allowed Fani Willis to remain on the case, with Habba pushing the debunked lie that the Biden administration coordinated with the Justice Department to prosecute Trump.

PIRRO: Alina, welcome. It has been a very interesting week. The argument this week, actually today in Fulton County before Judge McAfee, regarding the claim by the president’s attorney and some of the co-defendants’ attorneys, that the essence of the indictment has to do more with the First Amendment and free speech than a crime and RICO. What say you?

HABBA: Number one, you and I both know, Judge Jeanine, that we have only one RICO situation, and that’s what’s happening with the Merrick Garland-Biden administration. Let’s be honest about it. We’ve seen the White House logs. We’ve seen the proof. The only RICO is the coordination against Donald Trump.

What they argued today was very simple. A president has a right to speak. A human being, an American, this country is based on the constitutional First Amendment rights to speech. He had that right and he did so. He has also a right as the executive branch to question and provide election integrity. God knows our country needs that right now, Jeanine. I know you know it. I know it. The American people know it.

So that’s why we’re looking at this from a serious standpoint of constitutional violations, not to mention all the, frankly, the nonsense and the noise. It might be the only time I agree with CNN is when they say

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Ex-Trump lawyer Eastman should lose state law license for efforts to overturn election, judge says

LOS ANGELES — A judge has recommended that conservative attorney John Eastman lose his California law license over his efforts to keep former President Donald Trump in power after the 2020 election.

Eastman, a former law school dean, faced 11 disciplinary charges in the state bar court stemming from his development of a legal strategy to have then-Vice President Mike Pence interfere with the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory.

State Bar Court of California Judge Yvette Roland’s recommendation, issued Wednesday, now goes to the California Supreme Court for a final ruling on whether he should be disbarred. Eastman can appeal the top court’s decision.

“Dr. Eastman maintains that his handling of the legal issues he was asked to assess after the November 2020 election was based on reliable legal precedent, prior presidential elections, research of constitutional text, and extensive scholarly material,” Eastman’s attorney, Randall Miller, said in a statement after the ruling. “The process undertaken by Dr. Eastman in 2020 is the same process taken by lawyers every day and everywhere – indeed, that is the essence of what lawyers do.”

The judge found Eastman liable for 10 of the 11 charges, including misleading courts, moral turpitude, making false statements and plotting with Trump to hinder the transfer of power.

“Eastman conspired with President Trump to obstruct a lawful function of the government of the United States; specifically, by conspiring to disrupt the electoral count on January 6, 2021,” Roland wrote in her 128-page decision.

The California State Bar is a regulatory agency and the only court system in the U.S. that is dedicated to attorney discipline.

Eastman separately faces criminal charges in Georgia in the case accusing Trump and 18 allies of conspiring to overturn the Republican’s loss in the state. Eastman, who has pleaded not guilty, has

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